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  1. The business case for event photography
  2. Eight meetings tech trends to watch for in 2018
  3. Why is gratitude so difficult, yet outrage so easy?
  4. NASA map of Earth’s seasons over 20 years highlights climate change
  5. 3 tips for hosting engaging member roundtables
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  1. Africa: a booming frontier
  2. Africa’s problems spur ahead-of-the-curve innovation
  3. Pope Francis on why the only future worth building includes everyone
  4. Don’t take plastic bags to Kenya (or Rwanda)
  5. Is Negative Event Feedback Bringing You Down?
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  1. Event Risk Management: Mitigating Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Other Forces Majeure
  2. Zeitz MOCAA Museum Debuts in Cape Town to High Hopes and Fierce Debate
  3. How Our Friendship Survives Our Opposing Politics
  4. Petition Launched to Recognise Great Pacific Garbage Patch as a Country
  5. How to Ensure Speakers Hit Your Deadlines
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  1. Cape Town and Western Cape Convention Bureau
  2. Cape Town Partnership – the end of an era
  3. Being presidential
  4. City of Cape Town addresses drought and climate change
  5. Great things to do in Cape Town
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  1. The importance of reputation management
  2. 10 best ideas of the week: a bicycle topiary, a Game of Thrones-theme dance floor, vodka-infused ice cream
  3. How to make progress when no one agrees
  4. 67 minutes for Mandela
  5. 10 amazing blogs every event professional should follow
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  1. Running a housing bureau service is not for the faint of heart
  2. Defining the event speaker of the future
  3. How a single, courageous blog post shook Uber to the core
  4. Today’s travellers are looking for environmentally-responsible and culturally-rich experiences
  5. Business books: our summer reading suggestions
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  1. Sustainable swag
  2. An Award We are Proud Of
  3. 6 Ways to Create a Supportive Work Environment
  4. Why Meetings within Meetings Matter for Large Events
  5. J is for Jokes
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  1. In just three words, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos taught a brilliant lesson in leadership
  2. How to work with someone who isn’t a team player
  3. Five event destinations nailing it with drone video
  4. IAPCO: Three legacy opportunities for associations
  5. 11 Earth Day tips to make our planet a better place
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  1. An African Agenda success story
  2. How to raise sensitive issues during a virtual meeting
  3. Where are all the female speakers?
  4. This ice cream is made from food waste (and it’s delicious)
  5. The ultimate guide to planning a conference panel discussion
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  1. Fundraising for associations: raising money and generating income in an interconnected world
  2. Earn the right to work from home without a hit to your career
  3. French presidential candidate uses a hologram to kick off his rally
  4. Oscars: Red carpet, green activism?
  5. What is the point of an event hashtag anyway?
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  1. Insights into the scope and range of fiscal considerations when hosting a conference in South Africa
  2. Reinventing the workplace for greater gender diversity
  3. Live streaming is now something event professionals can easily add to their event tech arsenal
  4. Travel in a sustainable fashion
  5. Tips for providing an on-site staff/volunteer orientation
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  1. How to write a perfect event sponsorship proposal
  2. Lazy work, good work
  3. Facilitating an effective, focused discussion with 100 people
  4. Discover how climate change is rapidly transforming our earth with Google Time-lapse
  5. Eagle, parrot, owl, dove: What’s your communication style?
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  1. Africa – the new frontier
  2. 11 great reasons why even the smallest businesses need an employee handbook
  3. Event marketing is the hot topic for 2017
  4. More than half of all businesses ignore UN’s sustainable development goals
  5. All meetings are events but not all events are meetings
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