Success story: Actuarial Society Convention

African Agenda have been partners with the Actuarial Society of South Africa since 2005. We contribute to the success of their conferences by being more than a logistical coordinator of an event.

This article published on highlights some of the event requirements and shows how we use our extensive institutional knowledge of the Actuarial Society and the Convention itself to build a long and positive working relationship.

How-to Guide

How To Facilitate a Standing Discussion

The longer conference attendees sit, the less they will retain and recall. Learn how to facilitate a Standing Discussion session that gets the participants out of their chairs.

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GMID16, 14 April 2016

African Agenda organised a local event with SAACI for the first-ever Global Meetings Industry Day. This was part of 115 events across 5 continents and more than 30 countries. There were more than 40 million impressions generated by the #GMID16 hashtag between 11 – 18 April.

CSRshareDay, 22 April

African Agenda hosted two hours as part of the global events professionals CSRshareDay – a 24-hour Twitter campaign where sustainability champions across the globe each hosted an hour of conversations discussing corporate social responsibility and sustainability. The campaign reached more than 1.2m Twitter users.

#CtrlAltDel16, 23 August 2016

African Agenda organised and hosted the only African Live Pop-Up event for [CTRL] + [ALT] + [DEL], a globally live-streamed conference with respected thought leaders aiming to achieve a “Collaborative Global Event Reboot”.