CASE STUDY: Actuarial Society of South Africa 2014 Convention Green Exhibitor Award

CASE STUDY: Actuarial Society of South Africa 2014 Convention Green Exhibitor Award

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The Green Exhibitor Award was introduced to in 2014 to emphasise the Convention’s sustainability efforts and to put the green spotlight on exhibitors. The Actuarial Society of South Africa has been holding an annual convention for many years, but only added an exhibition component in XX. Since then it has grown quickly and has become an important part of the Convention programme. As part of our ongoing efforts to innovate and lead in the area of event sustainability, African Agenda conceptualised the Green Exhibitor Award and pitched it successfully to the Convention Committee. This Green Exhibitor Award concept document (including the scoring criteria) was circulated to all exhibitors a few months before the annual convention.

A panel of four judges independently scored the exhibition stands and booths based on six categories: Design, Materials, Operations, Transport, Beyond Green and Innovation.

event greening forum

Event Greening Forum
Grace Stead

Cape CTICCTown International Convention Centre
Sustainability Officer
Kate Pallet

ASSA  Actuarial Society of South Africa
Climate & Environment Forum member
Loudina Erasmus

AA African Agenda
Convention Secretariat and Exhibition Liaison
Karen Hilliard

The judges took into account environmental, social and economic factors when evaluating an exhibitor’s sustainability. Exhibitors were encouraged to highlight specific measures they had undertaken to make their stand greener, as well as any general sustainability efforts made by their organisations. The winner of the Green Exhibitor Award received two prizes: a trophy made by Simple Intrigue (made from salvaged books from landfills and recycling centres) to look after for a year, and a single exhibition stand with first choice of position for following year’s exhibition.

The judges were very impressed by the exhibitors’ efforts despite it being the Award’s inaugural year. The overall ‘green-ness’ of the exhibition was raised by the incorporation of the new Scan Display TFS (Tension Fabric System) Shell Schemes and the fabric backings and LED lights made for more attractive and sustainable stands, but the real competition for the award came down to two stands: Alexander Forbes and Deloitte & Touche. Alexander Forbes impressed with their living wall and grow-paper handouts. Deloitte & Touche impressed with their stand made almost entirely out of recycled cardboard by a local supplier and their engaging mobile application.

exhibition prize

2014 Convention Green Exhibitor Winner
But it was Alexander Forbes’ specially prepared supporting document, the use of various local suppliers and their clever brand strategy tie in that saw them taking home the 2014 Convention Green Exhibitor Award!

Tips for 2015 Convention Exhibitors on how to secure the 2015 Convention Green Exhibitor Award:

  • Pay careful attention to lighting choices
  • Pay equal attention to the paper used for print
  • Have fewer individually-wrapped sweets and chocolates and more local, homemade (by the ‘tannie’ down the road) edible giveaways
  • And focus more on community, and less on extravagant stands

The award and its introduction was a success. African Agenda is certain it will continue as an important part of the Actuarial Society’s Convention and that the exhibition will get ‘greener’ every year. African Agenda hopes that the Award will have a ripple effect on any other exhibitions and events the Convention exhibitors are involved with, and that they’ll make sustainable choices when planning their involvement in those.

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