Last week, on 22 January 2015, African Agenda took part in the International #CSRshareDay on Twitter.

It was an incredible 24 hours of sharing sustainable event ideas, inspirations and tips in a global conversation about sustainability in events. Each hour had a dedicated host to help generate lively Twitter discussion – and they all did a spectacular job. See here for a profile of each host and here to see Rosemary Vaughn’s (@tech2meet) excellent summary of the top 100 (or so) tweets of the day.</>

“#CSRshareDay On January 22, 2015 we shared our ideas, challenges, best practices, case studies and more online to inspire and empower our industry friends and colleagues around the world to take action in their own meeting and event communities to make them more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. It was a Twitter frenzy! JAN 22 2015”

African Agenda was one of 437 contributors. Together, we tweeted 3,725 unique tweets which reached 5,220,800 different Twitter timelines! It was an impressive day to be involved with, and African Agenda couldn’t help but get caught up in the spirit. We were so immersed in the sharing and had so much to contribute that we ended up being #CSRshareDay’s 28th most prolific tweeter, with the 45th widest reach! A full report on the day is available here.

It was an exceptional opportunity to ‘meet’ likeminded event professionals and organisations from across the globe that are also passionate about sustainable event practices. @AIMmagdalina, @AndrewSWalker, @Babs_Nijdam, @GreenEventBook, @PIevents, @SustainableEvnt, and @VistaCSR are just a few of the brilliant people and organisations we interacted with – follow them for sustainable conference inspiration!


But most importantly, #CSRshareDay reinvigorated our commitment to producing sustainable conferences. We do have sustainability policies in place for our office and conferences, but in the coming months we will be relooking at these and updating them.

Next post: African Agenda shares some of our noteworthy sustainability initiatives.

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